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Who we are

We aspire to inspire. We elevate the community one downward facing dog at a time. We find growth as we inhale intention, and exhale expectation. When we speak, we speak from the heart. We are driven by our passion for the practice, and live by the promise of empowering our people. We bend so we don’t break. We commit to our breath in a steady effort in the direction we want to go. As we experience a state of balance and bliss on and off the mat, we feel more at one with ourselves. A transformational practice that is for the willing. Together, we embark on an open-ended exploration of our authentic selves. Quiet your mind, free your body. Here and now is where the yoga begins.

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Founder & Director


The good vibe tribe

Meet the Freedom Family

More than just teachers and staff.

Meet the perfectly imperfect humans at the heart of Freedom.

A beautiful mix of personalities tightly bound by a shared passion for yoga, for Freedom, for life.

Practice with us

Cecil Street

13 floors up, our loft style studio drinks the natural light above the hustle and bustle of the CBD.


The soft morning sunlight streams in to greet sunrise practitioners, and the stunning sunset receives guests as they make their way to the mat after a work.

Amoy Street

This ground-level, shophouse sanctuary rests on the pulse of the vibrant street.


Leave your worries outside the glass door and step into a tranquil and serene space that is perfect for your practice.

Holland Village

Overlooking the effervescent and lively energy of Lorong Liput, our Holland Village studio is an intimate oasis of calmness.


Classes are available throughout the day. You can choose when you wish to hit the pause button in the course of your day for some well-deserved me-time.

River Valley

Nestled adjacent to the busy cross junction of River Valley Road and Zion Road is our River Valley haven. What used to be Spize has been overhauled into a tranquil perfection for everyone to build a practice or to find respite after a hectic day.


Classes are available throughout the day. You can choose when you wish to take a break. Everyone deserves a bit of me-time.